A very busy Q 1 2017


We have been very busy in Q 1. First, we installed and commissoned the worlds largest and most modern full automatic treatment facility at our valued customer Alvdal Skurlag in Norway. The plant is a combined biocide impregnation and hot linseed oil ("Royal") impregnation plant. Next we commissioned our first industrial scale ThermoTreat 2.0 at our valued customer Saga Wood in Denmark. At the same time, we also commissioned a Ø 3.000 x 18.000 vacuum dryer at the Herskind sawmill, also in Denmark. The dryer will dry Oak and Beech.

For Q2 things are no different. Right now we are in the process of installing the second ThermoTreat 2.0 at Mafi Naturholzböden in Austria, to be commissioned in the middle of May. End of May we will commission the new biocide impregnation plant - Ø 2.500 x 20.000 w/ double doors and 2 colors in 2 concentrations - at James Jones Lockerbie Sawmill, only 2 years after we commissioned one at the Aboyne Sawmill. We have been working with James Jones & Sons for more than 20 years and are very proud that we may still supply our technology to this well respected company in Scotland. At the end of Q2, we will then supply an autoclave and control systems for the new Kebony plant in Belgium, almost 10 years after we supplied the first Kebony facility in Skien, Norway.