Wood treatment plants delivered at highest quality standards

 WTT continues its tradition for developing advanced wood treatment technologies by:

  • innovation
  • unique design philosophy
  • flexibility
  • closed system design
  • working with high industry standards

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The WTT thermo-treatment process results in a very durable wood, at low temperatures. The process is gentle and commercially feasible.

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vacuum-drying plant


Gentle, natural wood color and quicker drying with the WTT dryer. This flaw- and strainless drying is suitable for all types of hard woods and big sized soft woods.

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hot oil treatment

Hot-oil treatment

The process combines an oil treatment with linseed oil with a subsequent drying of impregnated wood. The linseed-treated timber is available in different colours.

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impregnation plant


High-pressure impregnation with contemporary technique for all impregnation processes on water-based wood preservatives for protection classes 1—4. 

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Creosote impregnation

For more than a 100 years, creosote has been employed for industrial wood impregnation. It is used in heavy duty applications for railroad ties, utility poles and marine piling.

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Full-automatic system

With the WTT full-automatic system, we provide our customers with a smooth modernized operation process that guarantees top quality and minimizes costs.

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