Ammonia treatment for beautiful dark wood

Ammonia (NH3) reacts with the natural tannins of the wood to create beautiful brown and even black colors, which give the wood a fine and authentic look. The colouring of the wood has the side benefit that it provides a better resistance against aging and light exposure. Additionally, the wood is plasticized, i.e., it becomes elastic, less brittle and thus easy to process.

WTT has developed a closed system for this, based on a standard vacuum dryer; thus, the NH3 unit can do both ammonia treatment and vacuum drying.

Ammonia is obviously hazardous and so the WTT closed system ensures that all HSE related hazards are controlled. Surplus ammonia from the process is neutralized with sulphuric acid to create a safe condensate which can be used as a fertilizer.

Ammonia treatment is used mainly in the hardwood industry (although it also works on softwoods – depending on their natural level of tannins) for flooring, furniture etc.

There has been a steady increase in this market over the years and WTT has supplied units to Germany, France and lately India.

For more details, please see the vacuum-drying plant and check out the details for the ammonia fuming process.