WTT vacuum-drying plant: quick drying and natural wood colors

WTT invented modern vacuum drying in the late 1970’s and has supplied more than 250 units over the years. 

The vacuum-drying (VD) has 3 unique qualities which differentiate it from traditional kiln drying.

Firstly, it dryes 3 to 5 times faster than conventional kilns and at a lower energy consumption. In this way, VD offers high flexibility in meeting customer demands because of the short cycle time. VD is especially competitive for drying difficult hardwoods such as (pre-dried) oak and is primarily marketed in the hardwood industry where high and uniform quality is important, e.g. in furniture, flooring, kitchen, musical instruments etc. but also for construction. WTT recently dried WRC beams quickly and with good results.

Secondly, it does not darken the wood as traditional drying so that the e.g. beech wood remains completely white after drying; as demand for light rather than dark wood increases, demand for VD will increase.

Thirdly, VD is a closed system; a sawmill using traditional drying typically emit between 1.000 and 5.000 metric tons of VOC annually; in the VD, most of the turpentine is captured in the condensate. As environmental regulation increases in the future, VD will become more competitive.

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